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  • Newb questions.

    Hey everybody!

    I'm currently building a Weber 6a40 amp. I have a few questions that I'd like to clear up, just to make sure I don't make a mistake. In the layout, the power supply shows tap B, then on the main board "B" has three contact points. Do I just wire from one to the next until all three are connected? Also, My power transformer has a black lead and a white lead instead of two black ones. Would it be better for the black or white to go to the fuse or the IEC socket? Thanks for the help. The rest of the amp is almost ready. Here's a link to Weber's layout that I mentioned.


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    It's fine to "daisy chain" (jump from one connection to the next) the HV (high voltage) connections. Grounds should be run individually to their termination. Assuming there is a reason for the color coding on the transformer, connect the black lead to the fuse and likewise the AC mains.
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      Great! Thanks for clearing that up for me