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Tube Depot 5E3 feed back loop jumper question.

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    Hi Mungo.

    one of the problems with the Tube Depot kit built amps with their printed circuit boards and a few other details specific to that kit is that they are harder to learn from and understand than a simple 5E3 clone with an old fashioned grommet style board. I built one and felt I learned nothing. I learned much more by building a Mission amp kit clone of the old 5E3s.


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      Yes, I hear Ya. I was looking at kits forever and had narrowed it down to a Boot Hill or Hoffman and a Delux or bassman Tweeds.
      Well time passed and the Canadian dollar continued to tank and hence prices went up. This amp came up for sale and the price was right. It was advertised as a MoJo tone wihic is not a printed board and i could study it and mod it to learn about it. I bought it and when I got it it was a Tube Depto. The seller did refund me a few buck. Returning it involved 2 shipping costs that would be a dispute since it was a good percentage of the amp cost.
      So here I am reading and thinking I can gleen enough to eventully build one without buying the kit. That way I can source the patrs closer to home.
      So now what do I do. build another 5e3 thinking it will be better and try and sell the printed board one. Or build the Tweed bassman 5F6A, which of course is another step up in cost and complication.