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5E3 in Vjr Head Cab

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    hi i am new in this page and i decide to make a 5e3 amp please give the chassis layout to make the holes


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      Hi Mandi,
      I'm glad you like my idea of putting a 5E3 in the Valve Jr. Head. I was really surprised to see this thread pop up again. You must remember that this chassis was custom designed to my specifications, and is not a replica of a 5E3 amp. The holes for the transformers will only fit the Hammond models I used. Most available pre-made circuit boards for a 5E3 will fit. Do you have access to CAD software? I can post a DXF file of the flat chassis before bending.


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        hi Rockedtrod please is a fantasty help ,i have access to Cad software please post the file


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          I have a power tranny I'd like to use for a 5E3-type build- but it's reading 375-0-375 at no load. I'd given up on getting it to work as I figured the voltage would be way out of line for a 5E3 B+ of about 350VDC.I can use this?


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            Unfortunately, I can not upload a dxf or dwg file. Send me a private message; maybe I can email it to you.

            That PT at 375-0-375 would put you around 410-420 with a 5Y3 rectifier. JJ 6V6 tubes could handle that, but it might not sound like a real 5E3, which run lower voltages.


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