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  • volume control mod

    Has anyone performed the volume control mod to make them work independently of each other? If so, how does it affect the tone of the amp? Did it alter the cleans and when it breaks up? I just completed my 5E3 build and the original configuration is everything everyone said it would be. Not very good taper, etc.

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    There is a lot you can play around with if you isolate the channels, a la the Brown Deluxe. While you retain one Tone knob, you are actually running a dual-ganged pot, so you can voice each channel differently if you want, one using Tweed values, one using Brown Deluxe, or even Marshall 18-watter values.

    But, with the variables ignored, you'll gain a better taper from clean to dirt, but may also end up with a brighter and tighter amp that starts to depart the tone of the 5E3, but that tone is NOT for everyone, a lot of used 5E3's end up on the market because people just didn't gel with them. I'm surprised the old Tremolux circuit hasn't gained in popularity, with one less gain stage than the 5E3, the 5E9/5G9 has a much more gig-friendly preamp headroom.

    Still, I'm a 5E3 kinda-guy.


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      The volume mod in the Mojo schematics is very similar to the Brown deluxe mod with the exception of the tone control layout. I have rewired the pots and added the 220K resistors. As of right now I only have a tone control on one channel because I need to order a dual pot. I like your suggestion of playing with values on the other channel, lord knows I have enough orange drops laying around to play with endless possibilities.