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5e3 junk box build voltages

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    Originally posted by nosaj View Post
    Wouldn't DC on the grid have been noisy? The amp is louder with the new cap in.
    Leaky cap thats what i get for using a NOS cherry tv cap. It was a ceramic cap with metal sides from the 70s cracked it open dry as a bone. I would say that'll teach me, but I tend to be a stubborn.

    Glad it's working now! I learned the same lesson when I attempted to build a '52 Pro clone with as many old parts as possible -- every paper cap turned out to be leaky as hell, so I sucked it up and replaced them with polyester caps.

    If I may offer some further advice -- point-to-point is awesome, but having a bunch of components soldered together in midair is begging for a lead to break or a short against the chassis as stuff swings around. I'd add a couple more terminal strips and lash everything down.