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    Originally posted by mozz View Post
    You're defeating one of the great uses of the 5e3, being able to jumper both channels.
    I know but it's a space issue. I can always add a switch in at a later date or something.


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      Ok. So I think I've sussed it if anyone wants to mark my homework!

      This design should give me 2 of the 4 5E3 inputs. Bright Hi & Normal lo.

      For Bright Hi I will see an input resistance of 1M and a grid stopper of 34K. Other channel grounded.

      For Normal Lo switch position I should see an input resistance of 68K and a Grid resistance of 68K forming the voltage divider that attenuates the signal.
      Click image for larger version

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        If you use an on-on-on switch and reconfigure the wiring you can use both channels at the same time. Connect the input to terminals 1 and 6, the ground to 3 and 4, and the grids to 2 and 5.

        (1) input (2) V1a grid (3) ground
        (4) ground (5) V1b grid (6) input

        I'm pretty sure 1 and 2 are connected and 5 and 6 are connected in the middle position. Double check because there are different types but I think this is the common layout.


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          Thanks Richard.
          I wired my scheme up last night and it works a treat. I'll take a look at your suggestion for a future tweak.