I'm building a 5E3 which I'm planing to make switchable to a 5E5. I don't think it's ever going to be fixed bias but don't want to rule that out. I've noticed on fixed bias tweeds, Leo moved the standby from the center tap to the B+. Is this to allow the bias voltage to come up while the amp is on standby?? Is doing it the other way a bad idea in a fixed bias amp? Does it matter?

Has anyone ever used a DPDT center off standby to add the extra 16uF main cap and switch in a 5K resistor in parallel with the normal 5K between the B+ and the screen supply for 6L6/5AR4 tubes? The other way would just connect the B+ for 6V6/5Y3GT tubes. Too easy to make a mistake? Any creative ideas on switching the power rail?

Are there any other surprises lurking in my Weber 5E3 kit? So far I learned the hard way that mounting holes for the preamp tubes were drilled 90 degrees wrong and that the layout diagram has the bright cap connected to the normal channel. I'm pretty much down to just the chassis, transformers, and board. Besides the usual upgrades I'm using Atom's, 6PS polester Orange Drops, Little Demon Carbon Comps, and an Ohmite tubular 8 watt power resistor.