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introducing delcano 45 by scott amplification

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  • introducing delcano 45 by scott amplification

    ok so its only a 5f4

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    Just a 5F4?
    The 5F4 (and the like) is still one of my favorite tweed Fender amps....
    I think they are right at the very start of what we think of as modern sounding, vacuum tube guitar amps.

    Mission Amps
    Denver, CO. 80022


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      How did you make the board? Did you make your own template, or buy one?


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        5f4 board

        i made the board myself, since this amp is a reverse layout like a jtm45, i drew the board with a cad program, printed it out, taped it to the board material and drilled. i ordered the eyelets from mouser. i counter sink the bottom side of the holes, i used a large center punch to flare the eyelets into place. the center punch and the couner sink are the same angle. the board material comes from mcmaster carr. if you need a drawing of the board let me know.


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          What type of material is it? How much did you pay? I'm interestede in making my own boards, because I keep getting crappy boards from mojo. I think I would like to go with black though. I checked out that mcmaster carr site lots of good stuff there, thanks for the info.


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            board material

            heres the part number 8557K152, its 9 dollars, 1/8 thick, 3 inches wide by 24 inches long, enough to make two boards.