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Heyboer 22772 PT originally intended for a 5c1

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  • Heyboer 22772 PT originally intended for a 5c1

    Hi all. I just got my first set of Heyboer transformers for a Champ build. I've finished the amp and now I'm in the troubleshooting/tweaking stage. One of the first things I noticed is that my voltages are pretty high (in the upper 400's); this must be a hot transformer. I did not receive any diagram with either transformer and cannot find any information relating to specs on these. Does anyone know where I can find some tech info on these? When I search for Heyboer transformers I get Mojo's website and I don't know what I'm looking at. I ordered these from Weber's site, based simply on the generic description that they were for a Champ (although he does list the Princeton reverb as well and I should have realized that it was fairly robust). I would also like to ask if anybody knows what the ORANGE wire is for; it's the only one I'm not using. Some of Weber's transformers have an option for 120 or 125 volt AC hookup, and I know that you can get significantly different secondary voltages depending on which one you use; I was wondering if the orange lead was like that, a house voltage option.
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