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  • Combo Cab Handle

    I'm close to finishing up a scratch build 5E3 and one thing I put off is finding a handle. The combo cab on this one is raw finger jointed pine stained w/ clear finish. So far so good. Any pointers to where to go for a handle? Probably leather. Something that looks in character but doesn't cost an arm or leg. It's a graduation gift so I'm up against the clock.


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    Flat vs Raised

    Oh, and some places list brown leather fender style handles as "raised" or "flat". What's that mean?


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      The raised handle just looks a little different with sort of a bump in the top piece of leather.

      Many years ago I got a replacement leather handle at a guitar show that is reinforced with a steel band. I don't remember who sold it to me but now I can't find anyone selling them. It might have been the Victoria Amp folks.

      A 5E3 can get heavy with an oversize power transformer and ceramic magnet speaker. I would be more inclined to use a so called "dog Bone" handle.
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        Mojo and Antique Electronics have handles. I just installed a raised leather handle on my 5E3 build.


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          Thanks folks, I ordered from AES.... bonehead me didn't notice that the mounting hardware was sold separately. No worries, I found spares from an old shell of a cab.


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            [H] Location of handle on tweed super

            Building a tweed super from scratch.

            [Q] Anyone know the layout dimensions on where handle goes ? ( i.e. how far is centerline of handle from front is all I need )

            I don't want to wing-it.

            Can't find any info on existing DYI layout diags.



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