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Help with Heyboer 022772 Power Transformer Hook Up 5F2A Circuit

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  • Help with Heyboer 022772 Power Transformer Hook Up 5F2A Circuit

    Hi everyone. I have asked for help in another forum I regularly visit, my apologies if you've seen this already.
    I have not got an answer yet, so I thought I would try here.
    I am building a 5F2A circuit. I ordered my power transformer from Weber. I got the Heyboer HY022772.
    It is described as being wired for 120V and 125V. It came with no paperwork or instructions of any sort.
    I think I have the majority of the wires sorted out but there are still some I am unsure. Here is what I have:

    Yellow: Rectifier 350V
    Yellow: Rectifier 350V
    Red: Rectifier 5V
    Red: Rectifier 5V
    Green: Heater wires 6.3V
    Green: Heater wires 6.3V
    Black: to amp power on/off switch
    White: to main A/C power cord white wire
    Red/Yellow Stripe: ? Unsure. Center tap for red wires maybe? To go to ground?
    Black/Red Stripe: ? Unknown
    Black/Yellow Stripe: ? Unknown
    Black/Green Stripe: ? Unknown
    Black/Blue Stripe: ? Unknown

    I studied the Weber 022772 wiring diagram, and it seems to be wired exactly like
    my Heyboer except the wire colors are different. I would like to be sure I hook this
    up right.

    Here is the Weber info I found. I would think I am very close to this with the Heyboer:

    For reference my A/C power cord from the wall, planning to wire as follows:
    White: To power transformer white wire
    Green: Chassis Ground
    Black: To main power fuse

    I called and email Heyboer today to try and get some help but I did not get any response yet.
    I am at a bit of a standstill for now until I can get this sorted out.
    Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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    The red/yellow striped wire ought to be the center tap of the high voltage winding, and as such I guess it should go to ground.

    The black wires with stripes are probably different voltage taps for the primary.

    There was an American standard for the colour codes:
    This ties back to the Radio Manufacturers of America (RMA) and that organizations follow on groups of RETMA and EIA and the milspec from Mil-T 27 Rev. E. Copyright? I'll transcribe it and give attribution to source. The RMA/RETMA/EIA coding was sourced from Audio Cyclopedia by Tremaine (Howard W. Sams publisher) and the MilSpec from Mil-T 27 Rev. E published by the USofA Government.

    Power Transformer color codes (RMA/RETMA/EIA)
    Untapped primary: Black – Black
    Tapped primary: Blk – Blk/Yel – Blk/Red
    Sec. HV: Red – Red/Yel – Red
    Sec. Rect. Fil.: Yel – Blu/Yel – Yel
    Sec. Fil. 1: Grn – Grn/Yel – Grn
    Sec. Fil. 2: Brn – Brn/Yel – Brn
    Sec. Fil. 3: Slate – Slate/Yel – Slate
    (from the MEF's own archives )
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      I wonder if it is the same PT Mojo sells?
      The 760
      Mojo uses Lenco and Heyboer.
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        Bruce, that is the closest thing I have seen to something that makes sense, when trying to figure out the Heyboer wiring.
        This morning i got a response from Heyboer. Here is what I got:

        Black & White Primary 120 or 125 Volts

        Hi Volt Red - Red/Yellow - Red
        5 Volts Yellows
        6.3 Volts Greens

        Their response did not help too much as I had that much figured out. I sent them the exact same email that I had posted above.
        They did not seem to read it as they did not provide info identify the questionable wires. The 4 black & colored wires.
        The diagram you provided is probably bang on. Hopefully they will respond to confrim, if not I guess I am gonna have to go for it.
        Hook it up, cross my fingers and hope for the best.


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          You have a multimeter, yes?

          It should be no problem to figure out which wires share a common winding, then from there use the relative resistances to figure their order... i.e. if five wires share a winding on the secondary side, find the pair that maximizes the DC resistance, these will correspond the outside red wires in the diagram. Then just work from there to infer the others. Easy peasy, shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes.


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            Bruce, that's it. Thanks very much for helping me out. Wombaticus, I appreciate your info as well. I'll admit, although I do have a multimeter, and I did try measuring the wires with it. Your instructions are a little over my head, and the measuring didn't make much sense to me. I can move on now we've got this figured out!


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              I hooked up all the wires. Getting there, on my build.

              Click image for larger version

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              Click image for larger version

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