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  • Tweed fabric material

    Hi guys,

    recently I built 5E3 deluxe amp. Right now I'm working on cabinet. I would like to cover it in tweed.
    It is hard to get it here in Canada, shipping makes it too expensive to order from States.
    Do you think this is a real deal ?
    58"X72" 2Yard FOR Fender Vintage Tweed Texture Cloth Amplifier Cabinet Covering | eBay
    Thanks for any help, cheers from Ottawa


    By "real deal" I meant, does it look to you as a real tweed ?
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    Looks fairly close to what I just paid $36 per yard for plus shipping. Looks like it just might not be quite as starched as what I got and might be prone to fraying but it's hard to tell from just pics. I tend to stay away from anything coming from Hong Kong though, ymmv.
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      The material offered on that eBay auction does not appear to be pre-lacquered. That would be a problem for me. I use the pre-lacqued material so that the fibers do not start coming unraveled when individual pieces are cut in preparation for application to the cabinet. The tweed that I have shows a definite transition area near the edge of the role where the pre-lacquer stops. It frays in the area withing ~1/2 inch of the edge but the rest of the weaved fiber is all locked together by the lacquer coating.

      You could send a question to the seller to verify the specifics before buying.

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        Well, it seems I have found a local dealer here in Ottawa These guys opened the business a few months ago (I think).
        It should be very convenient for the builders in Canada, considering the dollars exchange rate 1 to 1.2 . For Ontariens for sure.
        Pre-order - Original Tweed Fabric ? Next Gen Guitars
        And, I'm not affiliated with their business in any way.
        Thanks to all guys who tried to help me. Best regards from Ottawa