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moving filter caps in a 5F6A to the main board?

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  • moving filter caps in a 5F6A to the main board?

    I am about to rebuild my harp player's tweed bassman RI and convert it to point to point. At the moment it has the original PCB with lots of questionable mods performed with tiny wires, plastic pots and all kinds of inferior components. It's unreliable and craps out every other gig. The question is, if I build a new main board it would not be a problem to move the filter caps out of the can to the main board (like in a 5F4 or so). With the size of modern quality filter caps there is enough space and it would make future cap swaps a lot easier. Is there any downside of doing it this way?


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    FWIW I use radial caps now because of their lower cost for quality. I've been using Nichicon PW's and liking it. Here's an image from another thread where mounting them on eyelet boards with minimal footprint was discussed:
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