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Need help with 5e3 volume/tone mod, please.

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  • Need help with 5e3 volume/tone mod, please.

    I built a 5e3 that I like, however. I would like to mod it to remove the volume/tone interaction to see if I like it. Trouble is searching the internet I find several different variations of the mod that address this. Can anyone point me to layout/schematic in its simplest form to accomplish this? Thanks in advance!

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    My 2 cents.

    You won't like it.

    It will not be a "5E3" anymore.


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      Thanks for the feedback JPB. I may agree but without trying it I would never know.


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        Are you just wanting to try something different? Or do you want something like the ability to A/B between the channels with more independent control? Knowing the goal might help. There may be a different mod that would serve you better.
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          This would do it.


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            Thanks for the link Dave H, I'll read up on it! Chuck H, I realize that the early breakup and interaction between the channels is a great asset and the draw of the 5e3 and popular with many. I enjoy it also. I would like to try the independent route for the channels that I have read about to see what I think. Thanks for the inputs.


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              Dave H, I read up on Rob's page and it is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!!
              Thanks again to all that responded, greatly appreciated!