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  • Tweed cabinets?

    Since John Mergili is no longer making tweed cabinets, i need a new source. He used to make me tweed, any color tolex, odd cutouts/baffles etc. Prices have gone thru the roof of the few website i did find. I need your recommendations for a tweed cabinet builder and also someone who will recover a 59 champ cabinet. If i have to go to bare wood to save money, i will.

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    Mozz check your PMs
    This isn't the future I signed up for.


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      Sent a few email message on Reverb, one guy said reverb was not answering his emails so he stopped selling cabinets????? I have no idea whats going on there. Another said he can't sell them for $230 (5F1 CHAMP) anymore and has them listed on Ebay for $350. Another told me to go to Mojotone. I now see 5F1 cabinets on Ali express for $200 something shipped, that i can deal with. What i can't deal with is the last order of 2 weeks ago of strat parts isn't even marked as shipped yet, and of course they charged my credit card.


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        Try I just bought a Tweed Princeton cab from them.Around $300 and couldnt be happier with the build.


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          Still a bit steep when you used to pay $175 plus ship. Another guy from Reverb told me , "sorry, i don't have any cabinets". Any companies who show up on Google search such as guitar cabinets direct i have already checked out. I have bought some cabinets from TRM cabinets, bare wood , unglued, broken down into flat boards to ease shipping costs. I can glue them myself and router the edges. Looks like i will be going that route again.