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Amp does not sound right...

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  • Amp does not sound right...

    I have a mesa boogie nomad 100 and when i play the distortion channels the distortion sounds Horrible! thats about the only way to describe it, horrible. Its cracky and not smooth. The clean however sounds fine but is a little crackly as well.. I have tried 3 other heads with my cabinet and they have all done the same within my house, but at guitar center it seemed to work fine. The guys there thought it was flouresent lighting, so i took out all of them but that didnt fix anything..I have a 92 fender stratocaster with a seymour duncan hot rail humbucker and i have a fender squire. I have tried both of them on all heads and it still occurs. Could it possibly be the electrical currents in the house? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.. i just want my distortion ..

    Thank you in advance!

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    it sounds more like there is a problem with either your speaker or the speaker cable. an intermittent connection in the speaker or cable will cause a sound something like that. also check your guitar cables and such.