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Hot Rod Deville Bias Question

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  • Hot Rod Deville Bias Question

    Hey all-
    I recently swapped the stock 6l6's in my HRDV for a pair of Groove Tubes 6l6ge's with a rating of "1". They sound incredible, but after playing awhile the amp gets hot and smells funny. I checked the bias at the bias test point and it was at 60mV, which I thought it was supposed to be. I adjusted the bias to 45mV and the heat and smell have gone away. How can I calculate the best bias voltage for this amp/tube setup? Thanks.

    P.S. This is the video I followed to adjust the bias:

    YouTube - How To Bias a Deville Amplifier

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    Set it back to 60mv. They will get hot, that is normal for tubes. Now it is possible only one is working and you have the entire 60ma running through just one tube. That would make the one tube VERY hot. But chances are the innards would be getting red hot as well.

    I suspect you amp is fine. Those new tubes have labels on the bases? New fresh labels getting hot early in their life will smell a bit.

    60mv is for two tubes, so that means 60ma by 2, or 30ma per tube. And that is only 14 watts or so.
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