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begging for a helping hand, TSL 100

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  • begging for a helping hand, TSL 100

    I have a problem here. The amp was brand new, but it came with a fault.
    HT W6 was touching the case of C42 electrolithic in the main board. C42 blew, along with 250mA F1 and TF2 fuses for the +15 and -15 volts rails in the Rear/Jack pcb.
    Components replaced, clean clannel works ok, but cruch and overdrive channels work very weak, almost like clean channel, no power and gain at all. Indeed there is a change in sound, I can hear the relays working, and the indicating leds all work, but no real cruch and overdrive sound at all.
    I am a bit lost here. Any help please?
    Thank you.

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    Yes, it was brand new, any reason we didn't observe the warranty and let Marshall take care of it? That would be the way to handle it.

    If overvoltage got into the 15v circuits, you could easily have a bad IC in the OD circuits.
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      Thank very much you for jumping in, Enzo, that will be my next move.
      The reason why the amp wasn't sent to Marshall I don't know for sure but I guess it has something to do with purchasing it in a different country and maybe the warranty doesn´t cover this. In some countries the amp has to go to the selling shop and they resend it to Marshal.
      Said, thanks again indeed


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        Any way to test both M5201 in the overdrive circuit? I have no signal at all in any of the overdrive chips!