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Fishman Loudbox Pro - intermittent output

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  • Fishman Loudbox Pro - intermittent output

    Hi - I got a Fishman Loudbox Pro intermittently cutting out, in the workshop and thought I'd give a heads-up on what the problem was..

    Firstly I have to say this amp is over-engineered to hell and is a real bitch to open up, dozens of screws and lots of different sizes., you have to remember to remove the long handle screws, which go through some aluminium tubes and then into the chassis. The heatsink is huge and makes access to the flip side of the pcb very difficult.

    To cut a very long story short I thought I'd attach a clip from the crossover board, the section with the power-up MUTE circuit

    Click image for larger version

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    spot the deliberate mistake? That C85 is an SMD cap, about the size of a match head and it's had 28V across it once (or maybe twice) too often!

    Changed it for a a 10uF 50V and it's now solid as a rock.

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    Nice fix