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Ampeg SVT-4-Pro cutting out apparently on high notes

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  • blindboybenton
    Thanks jazz P Bass.

    Was your amp the same model ?..
    I will try some freezer spray and a heat gun.
    Im going to get some more info from the customer


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  • Jazz P Bass
    Sounds to me like a capacitor in the signal path is giving out.

    I had one where the very low freq's gave out.

    Unfortunately, the signal generator did not help.

    To cause the failure I had to play a bass through the unit, then it gave out.

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  • Ampeg SVT-4-Pro cutting out apparently on high notes


    Ive had a SVT-4-pro in which a cutting out on high treble notes ??????
    Ive checked it over, Tested with Bass and on Dummy load and scope, Can't see anything wrong
    Tested both amps and Bridged
    Tested all 3 tubes all good and had a good check over and tap around for DJ's
    All voltages seem correct

    I did ask, Have you tried another cab and speaker cables, He told me that he had used a Fender Guitar amp 65watt Solid state with his 6 x ampeg cab at a gig without any issues,

    does anyone have any idea's

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