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I messed up and need help!

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  • I messed up and need help!

    I have a Fender Frontman 10G amp that I took apart to build a cigar box amp. I messed up and forgot to take pictures of the way that the power cables and switch hooked up to the PCB. Since I am next to useless trying to read the schematic can someone post a clear picture of the wiring on the power side or explain to me what wire goes where?

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    Here is the schematic & board layout diagram.

    FM 10G.pdf

    It really is not that difficult to understand the drawings.


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      Click image for larger version

Name:	10gwiring.JPG
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      Does it have the AC line connected to the chassis or is there an IEC connector (like on a desktop computer)? You should have a black, white, and a green wire coming off the AC cord if there is one. If there is a connector and you pulled the wires off then that is some extra work but not too hard. The green gets attached to the chassis, or if you don't have a chassis anymore I guess whatever exposed metal you have on the amp. The white wire goes to J7, which should be printed on your circuit board, and the black wire goes to the power switch. Another wire (probably black) goes from the other side of the power switch to J10 on the circuit board. It doesn't matter which side of the power switch the wires go to assuming it only has two connectors on it.


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        The power cord connects straight to the board on my amp. I printed out the schematic and will take a look at it when I get time this weekend and get it figured out. Thanks for the help guys! You are really fast to respond and cleared up my thinking on it!


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          Update: I found two blown diodes D5 & D6 and replaced all four in that aread. I then connected the power cord and verified everything was connected properly before powering it up. When I turned the power on the diodes got hot really fast and the fuse blowed. I rechecked the power connections and they are correct so I'm guessing that it has bigger problems. I think that I will just give up on it and go another direction.