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JBL Eon 15 G2 woofer

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  • JBL Eon 15 G2 woofer

    Well this sucks.

    The 15" speaker is part of the front baffle frame, so you can't just replace it.

    It looks like there are recone kits available so you'd have to rip out the old one and glue in the new one and recone it yourself.

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    "This speaker delivers 300 watts of power to a 15″ neodymium Differential DriveŽ LF driver. The driver boasts a dual neodymium magnet and dual voice coil motor that efficiently delivers high output from a lightweight woofer."

    "LF Driver: Integral frame with one 15u02dd (380 mm) driver, dual neodymium magnet, 2u02dd differential drive voice-coil."

    Sounds like fun!


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      Nice video of the reconing:
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        Or take the materials to a reconer and have them do it. I never reconed them myself, I always relied on an honest to god JBL reconer.
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          Yeah, my friend has a guy that can recone anything.

          He has alot of old and rare kits that has helped us save vintage speakers.


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            It's the way of the world now. I have a good re-coner, but the cost of shipping now has made many things like this not cost effective. I don't like it, but more and more I am telling folks some of this stuff is now disposable technology. I can re-cone speakers, but after the cost of the kit or materials plus time spent, it's not making me any money.
            It's weird, because it WAS working fine.....


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              Yup, the first thing I do before digging in to some things is how much is it worth or to replace or buy a used one.