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Vox pathfinder 15r reverb issue

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  • Vox pathfinder 15r reverb issue

    Hi everyone.
    I have a pathfinder 15r with no reverb
    I understand its a practice amp. But the owner
    Really loves it. So please no bin it comments
    On inspection I can see the tank is ok
    128ohm input 228ohm output
    I connected up the signal gen and I can see the signal on the input. Output signal is very weak. If I rattle the can just hear it through the speaker.
    I connect up a speaker on the return and tapping the speaker can't hear anything

    I feel sure it's a return issue?
    I have decided to try a few odd tanks I have around. Still nothing.
    Changed the op amp. And checked supply voltage ok
    Hardly any signal getting to pin 6 of op amp with same on pin 7.{ic5} Checked and changed the reverb pot
    Working well apart from this. Tremolo working

    I've run out of ideas. What's going on. Am I barking up the wrong tree
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Path15R_Schematic.jpg
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ID:	876375
    Map to follow

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    Plug your signal generator into the reverb return jack. Signal level at the jack and at pin 5 should be the same. Level at pin 7 should be much greater, if it's the same as pin 5, C44 or R59 is open or C43 is shorted.


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      Also measure the end-to-end resistance of the connection leads as well as checking for shorts.


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        Thank you. You were right I had a hunch on the caps. But I dismissed it. Was c44. Replaced it back working correctly
        Thanks again.