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Ampeg VT-120 Restoration / Repair - hum on channel C

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    So, just to close this one out, got the amp back from the 2nd tech and all fixed.

    He said it was a complex repair but essentially the hum was coming from the switching circuit and required replacement of multiple components. He did bemoan the design of the amp in terms of not being tech friendly, but ultimately got the job done. Amp is now whisper quiet on all channels and sounds great.

    The VT-120 is a great value amp given the low resale for them these days. You get a whole lot of amp, especially in terms of dollar per watt.. if you are able to work through some of the shortcomings and service the amp it’s a worthwhile beast.


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      If there were any parts listed on the bill, it would be great if you could post them.
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        Originally posted by q9522678 View Post
        That’s what I love about this forum. I can labour over something for days with my limited electronics knowledge and then have it clearly and simply explained in a few succinct paragraphs. Thanks for taking the time to explain that. Make sense and demystifies the amp a little.
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