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Bugera PSU6 board problem...

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  • Bugera PSU6 board problem...

    I have a Bugera 333XL....Everything is good in the amp...sounds extra yummy because of some mods I've done. Recently I smelled that dreaded electrical burn smell...saw smoke and turned the amp off...Dreaded taking it out of the head shell. Lo and behold the PSU6 board that has all the varistors on it, one of them burned open and made a carbon spot on the board. Anybody know where I can find a replacement or can I just take a dremel to the carbon spot, replace the bad varistors and call it good? I've taken voltage measurements and all is well...not sure what took the varistor out. The fuse is still intact...🤔🤔🤔
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    Are we talking the little board where the AC power cord plugs in? Those things often crack their solder, and then they arc, causing burn. QUite possible the varistor itself is OK. Or Thermistor. There are severa all in series. If one is actually damaged, just eliminate it and replace it with a jumper. The amp has plenty of inrush protection even if it is missing one of those. Yes, do grind away any carbonized board.
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      Ok! Thanks Enzo!


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        I think, in a effort not to bodge a repair, a replacement component is in order, when the board has been scraped with a fibre glass pen.
        Mount the new NTC thermistor off the board by about 1/2". That will avoid further damage to the cheap board.
        They are low priced and readily available, so no excuse.
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