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Champion 600 Problem

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  • Champion 600 Problem

    I bought a Champion 600 a few months ago and have been pretty happy with it. Today, for grins, I swapped out the stock 12AX7 and 6V6 for GT-12AX7-M and GT-6V6. After the swap, turned the amp on, sounded great for about 15 seconds then popped loudly a few times and stopped making sound at all... I can turn it to 12 and get some very faint raspy noise out of it with a Highway 1 Strat and a little more noise if I turn my Clapton Strat 25db boost up all the way.

    Any thoughts on what I messed up and how to maybe fix it?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Yeah, check inside for any possible blown fuses. Install the orignal tubes back into it - they were working right? Chances are one of your new tubes failed.
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      Thanks for the advice Enzo. I did put the old tubes back in, but same issue. Also took it apart and looked inside at the fuses (looked like 2 of them), and neither appeared to be blown. I should also mention there was a nice hot metallic smell when it blew.

      I'll take it to local shop today and let someone who knows what they are doing look at it. Wanted to hit you folks up first to see if I might be missing something obvious.


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        Update - Took the amp in to local shop. Turns out the Groove Tubes 6V6 I put in was a 6V6-S which is higher output than 6V6-C. The resistors are apparently not good enough to handle the little extra power so one or more popped...

        Thinking about having shop replace resistors and caps in that circuit to handle the extra juice from the 6V6-S. Am I asking for trouble with output transformer or other downsteam components (like blow the cheap factory speaker)? Better to replace with original resistor type and put in 6V6-C?