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Peavey Bandit 112 low volume

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  • Peavey Bandit 112 low volume

    Hi. I hadn't played on my Bandit for a while so today when I got home from work, I plugged in. Problem is, that the sound was extremely low to non-existant.

    I get a hissing noise when I turn the reverb up as well.

    The guitar cable is fine and so is the cables that connect to the speaker. I just can't get any sound from it.

    There's no tubes in it (it's completely solid state) and I sprayed the input/output jacks, but I don't know how to open the damn thing so I can clean the pots as well.

    Any help is appreciated.

    I discovered the old "plug a cable into the loop" and the sound came back.

    Anyone know why this problem didn't occur earlier and why? I have had this amp since 1995.
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    Anyone know why this problem didn't occur earlier and why?
    Yes. Everything works until it doesn't.

    Clean the return jack. The cutout contacts on that jack have become oxidized or dirty.

    Opening the amp is straightforward. SHould be screws through the top of the cab into the chassis. REmove them. There may be several smaller screws across the rear of the chasis, if so remove them. The chassis should then slide out the rear. Be aware ther will be speaker wires and possibly reverb wires that must be disconnected before the chassis is completely free.

    Sometimes the chassis might stock to the cabinet paint from when it was new, and sometimes the front hangs up on the edge of the grille.
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      Thanks. I didn't realize that the flat metal things were the one's holding the amp module.

      But I don't need to open it up now that I found the problem. It was a last solution that worked by plugging into the loop.

      It was the same problem that my bassplayer had with his JCM 800 2205 but his was not solved by cleaning the loop.


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