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Flyback protection diode question

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  • Flyback protection diode question

    Hey, that rhymes!

    Anyway, do I need a diode string on all four output tubes or just one per side?

    Got a Marshall JCM800 1959 beast that customer uses with an attenuator and I'm trying to bullet proof it as much as possible.

    Installed a post phase master to also help


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    One string per OT half. Number in string dependent on voltage rating. Some newer amps just use a single higher voltage diode per half.
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      Cool thanks.

      I just used 3 4007's per string since I have a bunch.


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        The diodes are protecting the transformer, not the tubes themselves. So as g1 says, one per side of the transformer winding.
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          As it’s getting attenuated, it’s not like the max clean output power is actually needed. So I suggest to increase the value of the screen grid resistors a little, eg 1k5 or 2k2, as that will ease off the stress on the output valves and everything else
          Yes it will change the tone a tiny bit, but so do those diodes.
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            I would use a pair of R3000 diodes, (3kv at 200mA) to stop back emf from arking over in the transformer.
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              When I did maintenance on my MusicMan Rd100, one of the diodes was shorted. The originals were 5KV, it has been working fine with 3KV.