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    Originally posted by Helmholtz View Post

    Is that plate or cathode current? What is the 6V6 cathode voltage?
    You could lower the cathode resistor to 220R, aiming for a cathode current of 50mA.

    Does that include the cathode bypass cap?

    Best measure output power.
    Should be around 4W.
    6v6 cath is 10.6v
    257 ohm cath resistor
    10.6 257 = .041ma
    cath bypass cap new
    i swapped the 3 tubes and got some slightly higher volts


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      Put a 220k plate resistor for the 6sj7.


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        About what acv should i see at the output of this 5y3 ? Pin 8 is 41vac . 317vdc is there


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          Generally your voltages look ok.
          What is the remaining problem?

          What is the HT winding AC voltage?
          What is the heater voltage?

          Can you measure output power?
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            41VAC on 317VDC B+ seems high. I wonder if the 317 is not really all there but fooling your meter. Do you have a scope?
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              As there's is a 1k resistor before the reservoir/first filter cap, I'd expect high ripple voltage at the 5Y3 cathode/heater.
              But as that node is not used to supply the circuit, it's not relevant.

              A (say 10) cap there would decrease ripple and increase B+.
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                Sorry been busy...i tried adding the 10uf filter as Helmholtz mentioned and the amp is hum free ! Sounds ok through my 4x12 , but more raspy with stock 70 year old speaker when cranked up.