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marshall jubilee 2554 combo, no choke.

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  • marshall jubilee 2554 combo, no choke.

    i posted this over at the "plexi palace" forum. maybe you guys can take a shot.

    i got my silver jubilee 2553 stolen back in november of last year. i bought a laney gh100l to hold me over till i figured out what i was gonna do. but it just made me realize that i need to get the sound back that i've had since '87 asap.

    of course i turned to ebay. at first i was first i was outraged to see that they were going for over twice as much than what i bought it for new. i don't care that slash likes em...but i guess everyone else does, and i have to suffer for it. oh well.

    anyway, ive been looking at the 2554 1x12 combo thinking i can pull the amp portion n' put in a rack or jtm45 style case. the only thing stopping me is that it doesn't have a "choke" like all the other 50w jubilees.

    so my question is, can i just add a jcm-800 style choke? and then would it be just like the full size 2550?


    p.s. i know all about the diode clipping (haha), but feel free to give me crap if you like :wink:
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    Check out the center picture at the bottom this listing:

    I don't think you could easily shoehorn a choke into that chassis (or box for that matter), which is probably why Marshall pulled it in this amp. You can't put it just anywhere on the chassis, a filter choke can throw out a large hum field and should be placed well away from any preamp or low-level circuitry.

    FWIW, I put a choke into my 30th Anniversary head to replace the 100 ohm 4W resistor Marshall used. The amp seemed a little tighter and more defined in the low end at high volumes and had a tiny bit less hum at all levels, but that's all the change I noticed.



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      thanks ray,
      if i end up getting a 2554, now that i'v read this, i'll try various temporary mounting locations before i commit.


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        That sounds like a plan. You may also be able to 'hang' the choke below the power transformer, using a flanged sheet-metal bracket from the PT-lamination through-bolts; obviously be sure and insulate the extended choke wiring well if you do this, but I've seen many pieces of equipment with PS-related 'umbilical cords' (like Ampeg SVT's) that were completely safe.



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          i missed my jubilee so much, i got impatient n paid too much for a 2555.

          still may get a 2554 if the price is right someday.
          because of this thread, i did bid on a couple...i just lost.

          thanks for your help eveyone.



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            $1000.00 for a used 1x12?!!

            Is it just me or are the prices on some of this stuff getting just stupid?



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              yeah, it's pretty bad. i paid 2 grand for the 2555.
              but i had to get one asap after having the jubilee tone for almost 2 decades.

              i wish slash never used 'em.



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                Hey, don't feel bad - someone else bought the other one for $2K too, so that would seem to be the going rate for these amps right now... plus you got a silver one, which should hold its value better than the black or Slash-reissue models. BTW, this isn't exactly the easiest circuit to clone, so I'd also be happy you didn't go the mod-another-JCM800 route and end up with a big headache (along with a big cut in resale value) to go along with the money & time you put out. You've got your killer amp back again (which it seems to me you won't be selling ever) and it's even got a choke! - not bad for a day's work, IMO.



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                  actually, it's one guy driving the prices up on the 2555 lately. the last two before the one i got, were won buy a guy w/the ebay name "legacystudios". one for 2100ish and one for 2500 w/buy it now.

                  i was for sure that guy had enough 2555s for his studio by now.

                  so on the next one i saw, i set my max bid for 2200 at the last possible minute.
                  i kept refreshing and it was staying at 1500! i was totally stoked!

                  then when time was up i was the winner at 2100! WTF!
                  i looked at the bid history...and sure enough, "legacystudios" wanted another one!
                  he was bidding manually. i just beat him chronologically. i'm sure if he had more time he woulda paid 3000 if he had to.

                  mad all over again,



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                    oh, ray, thanks for the pep talk! (i'd give you the "wink" emoticon, but the one on this board looks weird).
                    over all, i'm just happy to have one back.