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Simple master vol mod for Valve Junior Q.

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  • Simple master vol mod for Valve Junior Q.

    Hi- The Epiphone Valve jnr 5w head, as some may know has one vol knob only. What I wish to do is use this vol knob at max, but add another vol pot to use this sound at controllable "master" vol levels. It sounds simple, but only having tweaked caps/ R values for tone mods only so far- this is a new ball park for me. Is this idea logical/ useable to get max crunch at low vol levels in this little amp? or is it a "gain" pot Im needing instead-? a bit confused so I am. Any ideas Id be VERY grateful for; I've a pot, which is a start but knowledge would be great to understand whats feasable first. Cheers- Captain. (Ive tried the Epiphone forum for this but can't join it seems).
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    There is a thread on this topic at The Forums@Birds And look in the Amplifiers and Cabs section.It has advice on installing a gain control.


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      Thanks Mr. Stokes. A mountain of info there. Very grateful for that. Funny name Birds&Moons.. but seems excellent site, as this one is proving to be too. Cheers Captain.


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        No problem,Capt.It is actually a site for PRS Guitars,the Birds And Moons is a reference to PRS's trademark fret markers.