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Which post-PI MV to use?

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  • Which post-PI MV to use?

    I'm debating which master volume method to use in my amp, it's a toss-up between Bruce Collins' MV method,
    or Ken Fisher's "#2" MV method,

    I believe that Ken Fisher's "#2" MV method would add the least amout of coloration to the amp's tone(which is a good thing), but I believe that it's been said that it could be potentially hazardous should the 100K dual-gang pot fail. In which you'd lose the bias voltage and the power tubes would have a meltdown. Could this situation cause any other damage besides the tubes going south?

    I'm kinda leaning more towards the Bruce Collins method, mainly because I already have a 500K dual-gang pot and a 1Meg dual-gang pot but I don't have a 100K dual-gang pot for the Fisher MV.

    Will the Bruce Collins MV allow the amp to sound basically stock when the MV knob is all the way up? And will there be some phase cancellation problems when turning down the MV knob? And lastly, is it necessary to disconnect the NFB loop or change the value of the NFB resistor?

    Sorry if these questions have been covered before but I'm not sure which method to use. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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    I don't like either. I like the cross-line MV. It uses ONE pot. You will find in on a Matchless Lightening and a lot of 18 watt amp.