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modding SS amps?

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  • modding SS amps?

    is it posssible too modify SS amps? if so what kinds of mods can you do?

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    You can modify anything, but I hate that question. The real question is, what do you want to change? Then we can go about deciding how to do that.

    Altering the tone stack will have the same effect it would in a tube amp. If you want to make remote controls for panel buttons, it is simple enough. If you want to alter the gain of a stage, it is a matter of changing resistor values, but gain changes through SS amps don't sound like tube gain changes.
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      well the sound is a bit...dead, i cant explain it, but i want a brighter, more sharp sound to it, and some more gain wouldnt hurt either

      the amp in question is a Randall RG75G2 combo


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        Before you get into modding the amp itself, you could try putting a drive pedal with a treble booster in front of it. I've used the old black Marshall Shred Master with the gain turned down, the volume up full, bass down, treble right up, and I also removed a little cap inside the pedal to get more treble.

        A compressor pedal right at the beginning of the chain might help make the tone more lively too.
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