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    Anyone know any good mods for a Fender '65 Twin Reverb Re-issue?


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    I would like to know some mods too. thx


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      Originally posted by deathofaparty View Post
      Anyone know any good mods for a Fender '65 Twin Reverb Re-issue?
      A question phrased that way could get you an avalanche of answers or... no answers.
      It would help if you post what you are trying to accomplish.
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        Obviously any good mods for the non re issue Twin Reverb should also be good for the re issue. Some Google searching should reveal plenty. If the goal is to make the re issue more like an original then I'm sure that's been worked on too. Again, some Google searching should do it.

        Torres Engineering does a full eyelet board rewire to original BF layout, very cool. Maybe it's sold as a kit if you would like to DIY. Otherwise, there are a buttload of "BF" mods around and most should translate to your amps circuit easily. Though the printed circuit board in those amps may make some things harder than others.

        Typical mods would be heating up the "normal" channel for more OD, reverb on both channels, bright switch mods, mid boost ala Rivera style, triode/pentode, etc, etc...

        Like Tom asked, what do you want?

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          more gain mod on normal channel

          is there a mod for turning vibe tube into overdrive? if anyone knows of this i would love some info