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Epiphone Valve Junior CONVERTED to reverb unit.

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  • Epiphone Valve Junior CONVERTED to reverb unit.

    So I found this mod kit for a epiphone valve junior head that takes the amp and turns it into a spring reverb unit like the old fender ones. This mod is suppose to be very easy, but easy can be thought of in many different ways. I am new at this stuff and the only thing I have done is mod wah pedals and built a/b/y pedals. MY question for you guys is do you think this kit would be easy? Is it worth buying the kit or could you guys just tell me how to do it? Just give me all and any info you have.

    here is the youtube video so you can hear it.

    YouTube - BitMo Reverb Unit demo mod/conversion kit for EVJ
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    I should say do you guys think it would be easy for ME someone with not much experience haha I know it would be simple for most of you guys.
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      Didn't watch the video (yet).But I can say that with little experience you will need blow by blow instructions to pull it off. And as you say, for us guys that know what a "cathode bypass cap" or "plate load resistor" is this would probably be an easy project even without instructions. If you have a VJ and don't play through it this project makes some sense. If you don't alreasy own a VJ it might be better to just buy a used RI "reverb" unit. Plus, if your going to build anyway there are other options. One of my customers had me build a self contained reverb combo amp that is POST amplifier. Meaning that it takes the entire sound of the amp, power tube distortion and all, and reverberates it cleanly. If you've ever tried to OD a vintage amp with reverb you know that the reverb gets all garbled up after passing through the clipping PI and power tubes, The sattelite combo I designes runs the tank right from the "host" amps speaker output. It sounds great and works well at any OD level on the main amp. A "reverb unit" can't do this and even becomes a tonal detriment when the amp is overdriving.

      Stll, if this is a project your nterested in I'm sure we can help.
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        I looked into the RI reverb units but they are like $500. I used to really like reverb and had it on almost aways, not much, just a little, this was just going to be for fun.
        I want a reverb (this probably wouldent do it) that isnt going to distort much, maybe a digital reverb? I hate getting into the digital realm but I have used a holy stain and holy grail and both of them I was not too happy with.
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