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Extra gain stage from extra triode

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  • Extra gain stage from extra triode

    Well I'm in the process of building my own project amp. I found a old Mono amp on eBay and bought it so I had something to start with.
    So i decided to make a modified Fender 5c3 deluxe. But instead of having 2 inputs, I was thinking about using the other half of the twin triode as an extra gain stage. I've heard of people doing it but cant find how. Any ideas?

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    Go to, library of information, check out "Hot Switch Mod" for 5F6A/JTM45.

    5C3 has little headroom to start with, I doubt that if you had the extra triode wired up in series that you would want to have it like that all the time.


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      Thanks alot! any other good mod ideas? This amp is really just for experimenting, trying to figure out what sounds good.


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        Build it with a cathode biased preamp input triode, not the grid leak.