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Princeton 112 Plus - Shutdown MOD

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  • Princeton 112 Plus - Shutdown MOD

    Steve Aloha was kind enough to post several improvement MOD suggestions with descriptions that reference the schematic except for one MOD that is intended to reduce the "pop" at shutdown. Could someone with much more electronics knowledge than I please interpret Steve's description and reference the schematic?
    "One more mod- I thought that the amp had a very loud pop when you turned it off. I checked the schematics and saw that the amp that replaced it- the Princeton 65- has a 0.1/250v across the leads from the PT secondary. It was tricky fitting in the capacitor on the board- I mounted it between the "front" lead of CR22 to the "back" lead of R73. (It would have been easier if I had a smaller 0.1uF/250vdc capacitor.)"
    Thank you in advance!

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    I don't think putting a cap will help. I have several older amps with that problem and have tried this mod.

    The solution, I found, is to replace the power supply capacitors.

    Before you order replacement caps, just make sure you know if they are radial or axial leads. If radial, measure the lead spacing e.g. 7.5mm.


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      Thanks Bluesky6. Actually, I figured out Steve's instructions and installed the 0.1 cap. It made enough difference to make it worthwhile doing.


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        Thanks for the update. That's good to know.