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Marshall Valvestate - Adding Cooling Fan?

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  • Marshall Valvestate - Adding Cooling Fan?

    Happy New Year All!
    I've read that one of the main causes of failure of Valvestates is overheating and some recommend adding a small fan to remove some heat.
    I assume that an axial PC type fan is the most practical. Should it be 120V tied in near the incoming power or a lower voltage fan tied in after the transformer somewhere? Or better suggestions?
    I have the Valvestate 8040 Model.

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    I used a 120V outside the chassis with no noise or hum problems. It's easier to wire too. Do choose a quiet fan and if I had it to do again I would add a thermal switch so it wasn't wurring full time.

    Remember that you need to evacuate hot air. Not blow cold air on the parts. Blowing air on the transistors cools the ones nearest the fan the most. You want to draw air across all of them evenly. This not only requires a fan, but also a carefully located vent. I'm not familiar with that amps cabinet or layout. It may already have an appropriate vent.
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      A friend of mine added a PC fan to his Peavey Classic 30 and just mounted a power supply unit from a computer inside to power it. You just have to remember to plug it in also to use it.


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        Thanks guys! Quite helpful. I'm a little concerned about introducing "e-noise" with a fan or txfr-fan combo. I'll experiment a bit before "welding" in place.