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Epiphone Valve Junior OT upgrade -- help please???

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  • Epiphone Valve Junior OT upgrade -- help please???

    Just replaced the OT in my Valve Junior head -- I believe it's version 3 (black PCB).
    Using a ClassicTone 40-18030. Got everything wired up, but tubes are cold. Not sure what I did wrong.
    Wired the primary (brown, 5K) to T3 on the board; that is where the orig. OT's yellow wire -- 5.2K -- tied in. I wired the ClassicTone's red wire (common) to T4 on the board.
    Wired the green (8 ohm) tap to the tip on the mono jack; the black to ring.
    Amp powers up, tubes do not glow, and no sound.
    Help please.

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    If you wired the OT as per instructions that may not be the issue. Obviously the filaments aren't heating. That should have nothing to do with the OT circuit. Make sure you have voltage at the filament winding. Check for any disconnected leads.
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      Thank you, Chuck. Will double, triple check all other connections on board -- perhaps I knocked something loose of something.
      Appreciate the help.


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