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Tremolo intensity on Univox U42/45

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  • Tremolo intensity on Univox U42/45

    Hi. I picked up a hacked Univox U42. Hand wired, similar topology but different camponent values as U45 and to top it off, someone did a significant hack...swapping the function of the 6AV6 to tremolo osc, and the 12AX7 stage to gain... i got it to work, sounds decent...a bit to easy to breakup, but the tremolo intensity is too deep. Can someone suggest if/where i can install a pot to vary the tremolo intensity. Otherwise plenty of good info on this site to deal with the overall amp tone. Thanks.

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    Looking at the schem for the U45,I would try putting a resistor between the output of the osc and the cathode of V1.Try a few values and see if they bring the intensity down.


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