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Dynacord Eminent II-T From tape input to power amp.

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  • Dynacord Eminent II-T From tape input to power amp.

    Toni hi

    Iím new here.
    I bought Dynacord Eminent II T and I want to go straight to power amp with guitar pre.

    What is that din connector and what pins to use?
    I can make din to plug adapter for it 👍

    Originally posted by Albert Kreuzer View Post
    It's all written in the schematic. The power tubes have 10 Ohm current sense resistors (R418/419). The schematic says to bias them at 0.3V across these resistors. That would be 25mA plate current (as specified) plus 5mA screen current.
    Most modern tubes will take the voltage as long as you bias them a little on the cold side. I have a bass amp with more than 800 plate Volts and JJ EL34 running for years without problems.
    Input impedance is too low for guitar (100k). That will kill your highs. Use a clean boost or a FET follower in front of it. If you want to use an external preamp, you can access the power amp through the tape input on the rear.

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    I'm responding here to get this into the "new posts" notification because I moved it to a new thread. New inquiries should be started as new threads. When I have to move them they do not mark as new.

    Regarding your inquiry,.. I don't see a way directly to the power amp. I believe you can only access the power amp input through the solid state preamplifiers. Which, unfortunately, look to be RIAA tuned. Which will dull the tone. Your preamp likely puts out a "low" or "line" level signal. I don't know that either one would be sufficient to drive the power amp directly. So just choose the input that corresponds to your preamplifiers output in mV. Pin one is + and pin 2 is - on the three pin dins shown in the schematic.

    That is an old amplifier. Old amplifiers often require maintenance. Confirmation of power supply health, bias condition for the tubes and any de-oxide measures that might be needed for non soldered connections like plugs, jacks, pots, switches and tube pin sockets. Operating the amplifier without confirming power supply integrity or tube bias could cause damage to the unit.
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      Eminent is not a guitar amp. Get full documentation here, from Mr.Peter Andersen effort. Many Thanks!

      Almost forgot: Get first check to bias trimmers. This is very important.
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        From input I and II you can go in after preamps. I got info already from amp tech working in amp shop 👍 also many use this as a guitar amp and if you a pedal with buffer it helps on the full sound. This unit what I have was used as a main guitar amp live with really famous Finnish singer Danny. I have new bias trimmers already and Iím measuring resistors and capacitors also 👍 I have that adapter also for those PIN connectors.Thanks for the answers 🙂


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