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Powering an LED pilot light

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  • Powering an LED pilot light

    Hi, My friend's all-tube amp doesn't have a pilot light and the only way to tell if it's on or not is close examination of the tubes. Consequently, he leave the amp on a lot, for days at a time sometimes. I suggested mounting a pilot light, telling him when the amp powered on and when it's not.

    I think one of those tiny LEDs would do the trick. I have two potential power sources. It's a cathode biased amp and the bias voltage is 11.0 Vdc. There is also a 6.3VAC heater string I could potentially use. What's the best choice to power one very small LED?


    Bob M.

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    You have another option, 120vAC. AMpeg and others used to use them, and you can usually find them in a hardware or home depot. You might see them on a clothes dryer. It is a neon indicator light. It has the bulb and dropping resistor right inside. A molded plastic body that mounts on a panel. Two wires trail out. You simply wire them to wherever the power transformer primary is wired. Two solder joints and drill a hole.

    This one is overpriced but shows what I mean, from Ace HArdware.

    Here from Mouser is more what I mean, and its even green (or red or yellow) The first one was fatter, these are slim and like what an SVT has.

    Click image for larger version

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    Actual listing:

    This one mounts flush:

    And if you want something that looks more like an old Fender:
    Click image for larger version

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      Yes, I've used these neon bulbs on many projects in the past. But this time, I'm looking for something small, actually tiny, unobtrusive, subtle, in keep with the design style of this homemade amp. I'm just wondering how to power the LED choice that I've already made.


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