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Fender Blues Deluxe Reverb Circuit

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  • Fender Blues Deluxe Reverb Circuit

    Hi, Has anyone experimented with a more modern, lower noise, better quality IC subbed in for the very generic TL 072 in the reverb circuit for Blues Deluxe. If you have, I'd be interested in reading about your observations and if it was successful and an improvement or not.
    Bob M.

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    The re-issue shows a PC4560 in the reverb circuit. Probably not much improvement to be made by just changing the IC.
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      On occasion, I've been surprised by the performance of an upgrade op amp but of course, it really depends on the rest of the circuit. I was thinking of auditioning a TLE 2072 and see if a noticeable difference is made, about a $3 investment.


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        TL071 18nV/rt Hz noise

        TLE072 12 V/rt Hz noise.

        That's 3.5dB improvement in opamp noise but not nearly so much in practice as noise and interference is inherent to the tank

        Try putting a $0.01 47 ohm resistor across R31. That'll give you a 6dB better noise and hum. The price will be a loss of headroom but well worth a try.
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          ^^^^ that.
          In a reverb circuit the noisy buzzy hummy boingy nightmare is the reverb tank itself; compared to that, Op Amp noise is inaudible.

          Try the modern one if you wish, but it won´t change things much.
          Juan Manuel Fahey


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