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Peavey VTM 120 speaker output reconfiguring

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  • Peavey VTM 120 speaker output reconfiguring

    I want to rewire the speaker outputs out of the stock switching jack wiring scheme.

    I have two mismatched impedance cabs - 16 and 8 ohm - and want to be able to use them both with the amp.

    8 ohm cab is a 4x12 with 8 ohm speakers.

    16 ohm cab is a 2x12 with 16 ohm speakers. I could rewire the the 2x12 to 8 ohms.

    How do I rewire the jacks and where do tap the Feedback off of? On the schematic it is off the White wire from the OT.

    And which wires go to which jack? That is, the Green, Orange and White, which ohm jacks do they go to?

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    Don't move the feedback, it is wired for the signal voltage at a given tap, it is not dependent upon the load impedance.

    A 2x12 with 16 ohm speakers cannot be 16 ohms. In series the two 12s make 32 ohms, and in parallel 8 ohms. No combination of two 16 ohm speakers can result in a 16 ohm total.

    If you do have a 16 ohm 2x12, then likely it is two 8 ohm wired in series.

    Two 8 ohm cabs then? No need to rewire anything, just either run a cord from each into jacks 2 and 3, or daisy chain by running a cord from jack 3 to the first cab and a a cord from that cab to the other cab.

    The amp as wired already is set for 4, 8, or 16 ohm loads.
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      BTW, if you have no sound from using one of those jacks, do try another. It isn't a blown OT. Don't ask me how I know this


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        be careful with it, some people think its an valuable amp... $900?? puts the dip in DIP switch IMHO

        Click image for larger version

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