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Post PI master in Sunn Sceptre?

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  • Post PI master in Sunn Sceptre?

    One of my Sunns isn't absolutely virginal and isn't in fantastic condition (neither are my fault), so I've decided a little monkeying under the hood is okay. I want to install a PPI master. If I like it, I would install the new pot in the reverb control hole. The reverb tank doesn't work properly on this amp, and I don't much care for spring reverb anyway, so....

    I'm a bit of a novice, so I wanted to get the okay from you guys. Since the Sunn's PI is different from the usual, I want to make sure the circuit will work okay.

    Here's the Mission amps master:

    And here's the Sunn schematic:

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    You should probably use a dual 100K pot. The resistors described as 33K to 100K can be zero to 10K.
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      Ah, good. I have a 100k dual on hand. Thanks, thud.