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  • Sunn Solarus

    I found a Sunn Solarus on my local Craigslist for $300.
    Can anyone tell me a little about these amps?
    Or what they're worth?

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    In 67 and 68 the Solarus was an all in one (combo) amp but you can clearly see that a head type chassis was just added on to the top of a 2x12 vertical cabinet. It was a 40W 2xEL34 tube rectified head with tremolo and reverb. A couple of other amps used the same chassis, the only difference is the name and the speaker cabinet that was sold with the amp.

    In 69 the head and speaker were separated and a mid boost switch was added. In 70 the head became 80W with a pair of 6550s solid state rectified. Somewhere around 71 the amp head became the 190L and the speaker cabinet was discontinued.
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