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Did SUNN manufacture speakers?

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    There used to be a company named Speaker Frame Stamping Company or some such that, you guessed it, stamped speaker frames. This made it relatively easy to make your own speakers much like CTS or Eminence. In the 80s Sunn manufactured a line of premium speakers known as the SPL line. These had cast frames and heavy magnets. The 1982 Catalog says that Sunn built a speaker factory in 1973 in Williamstown Kentucky.
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      The stamped frame needs quite a few different die sets which are very expensive if you have to order them.

      And the main one, which makes the "blind" basic frame, needs a huge 200 Ton hydraulic press.

      I guess there must be more than one supplier in USA, Ted Weber must get somewhere those "Jensen" frames but his yearly production does not justify the huge initial investment.
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