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New Rogan Plastics 0-10 knobs for Sunn & Music Man amps

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  • New Rogan Plastics 0-10 knobs for Sunn & Music Man amps

    I just purchased 10, brand new, Rogan Plastics knobs, made for vintage, 60's, 70's & 80's Music Man and Sunn amps.
    I'm going to use them on the Ceriatone Model T clone that I plan to buy, once the amp becomes available.

    The knobs were produced by the same manufacturer who made the originals.
    They look identical to the originals: 0-10, witch hat, reflectors with a screw.
    The seller is a nice guy named Chris, who recently (October 2016) bought a batch of 500 knobs and I told him that I would help get the word out.

    Rogan Corp Sunn Music Man 0 10 "Witch Hat" Control Knobs | eBay ... trol-knobs

    Click image for larger version

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