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In search of concert lead (don't really care how I acquire it)

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    Mercury Magnetics makes a clone of the driver transformer. It ain't cheap. R.G.'s clone of the Thomas-Vox driver transformer is probably pretty close and would just need two more secondaries.
    WARNING! Musical Instrument amplifiers contain lethal voltages and can retain them even when unplugged. Refer service to qualified personnel.
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      Originally posted by nsubulysses View Post's kind of sentimental.... So I would have to be pretty convinced to part with it.
      Here's the acid test: Have you given it a name?



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        Will someone please buy my Sunn Concert Lead ?? Just joking. Here are some of my fondest memories of it. Never thought of a name. Probably because it was never my favorite amp. still too good sell though

        2010 solo tour
        new gallery posted?.wastelanders tour | just make pictures

        2017 make the whole venue smell like 1970s burning electronics. it smoked one emitter resistor for at least 10 minutes straight pretty glorious. I didn't turn it off I wanted to see if it would make it through the set. Still sounded good. Died in last song

        One time I listed it on ebay $400 buy it now and then went to work. I immediately regretted it. I wanted to pull the listing but it was pre cell phone days so I had to wait til work was over and of course someone bought it. I told them I love the amp and made a mistake and asked if it was ok to keep it. They said no big deal, much to my surprise. Maybe we were destined to be.
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          Originally posted by rjb View Post
          When the Dude posted the reverb link TWO DAYS AGO, there was one listed for a not unreasonable price.
          That's correct. I wasn't aware of it at the time, but the link I posted must be some sort of permalink that shows whatever they have listed for that model. There was one for sale a few days ago, and then a different one after that. Now, nothing. Well, at least it makes it easy to see if anyone on Reverb has one for sale. Just click the link.
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