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Sunn vs. HIWATT

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  • Sunn vs. HIWATT

    I have 2 Hiwatt dr-103 heads a 76, and a 78

    I recently bought a 1974 Sunn Model T and it isn't as glassy, clean and chimey as the hiwatts. Seems like it has less headroom also. Anyone know the difference between the 6550s and el-34s. Seems to have a rounder clean tone but can't get past 3-4 on the gain and master for clean.

    Thinking about buying a hiwatt dr-201 w/ 6550s and an HH IC100s head.
    What are the differences in all of these, anyone know?

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    A 74 Model T should be the first generation without the mid select switch. I would check the 5W resistors in series with the plates and screens of the output tubes to make sure the amp is operating correctly.
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